Northerners To End Insurgency, Crime, Illiteracy, Drug Abuse And Kidnapping Incidences In Nigeria

Abuja based entrepreneur and humanitarian Aisha Salisu; who studied political science at Bayero University Kano mentioned in an exclusive interview with pleasures magazine’s editor Adedotun Babatunde Olaoluwa that Nigerian Northerners are hardworking, successful and most important peaceful people.

Looking at several reports on activities linking with the people from the region ranging from Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, etc some people might possibly disagree with her stand on the Northerners being a peaceful lover.

But according to Aisha as narrated in the interview; “the negative report always emanates from the north which is not true. Northerners are hardworking, peaceful and successful people and that is why we are trying to curb the menace of insurgency, crime, illiteracy, drug abuse and kidnapping incidences, and above all and we are kind people.”

Though, no doubt that Aisha is a successful businesswoman having a remarkable background in banking and now oil and gas business and not to mention her humanitarian services. But can that justify that all Northerners are successful and peaceful people?

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