Pleasures Magazine Defying The Publication Status Quo

Relevant of hardcopy publications are being debated day-in-day-out in this 21st century where online publication has dominated everywhere. But the Publisher of luxury and lifestyle publication, PLEASURES MAGAZINE and some others on the global stage like VOGUE, GLAMOUR, ESSENCE, etc never stop given us reasons why their hardcopy publications are not fading away anytime soon; due to some exclusive contents and eye catching detailed photography which most of the times, high profile individuals are skeptical to release online because of the difficulty in controlling online content.

Pleasures magazine has really grown to establish itself as household name compared to what I used to read in 2012 in Accra, Ghana as a weekly newspaper but now it’s a full glossy bi-monthly magazine with circulation extended to UK, USA, and UAE.

I was privilege to meet and chit chat over lunch in Lagos with the publisher/editor of the magazine Adedotun Babatunde Olaoluwa last weekend and he narrated the secret behind the magazine’s success and what makes them stand out.

He said one key factor that stood the magazine out is the kind of reports they focus on; ‘we don’t do what people consider as norm in the industry by reporting unnecessary gossips or story that bring individual or organization down. We rather report entrepreneurs’ success stories to motivate and encourage society’.

In addition to that, we also help promote the people we use as cover or interview in about 200 other publications online and newspapers across the world.

These and many other factors stand us out as an entrepreneurial and lifestyle magazine.

When I asked him about how difficult or easy it is for them to decide on who to use for cover of the magazine considering the long list of successful individuals in their area of coverage today and how they get such individual to accept. Meanwhile, notable big name such as Seyi Tinubu, son of prominent Nigerian politician, Prince of Soudi Arabia Muhammed Bin Salma, Billionaire daughter Rama Indimi, etc has been on the cover of the magazine this year.

His response was simple and direct; we have worked hard to get to where we are today and success will always attract success. Since our magazine is now household name which can be seen on most of the big establishment in Ghana, Nigeria, UK, USA, UAE, etc, flight and major luxury places and stores and largely purchase online.. So we haven’t encountered any difficulty in getting any individual for our cover page.    

He concluded by revealing who will grace the cover of September/October edition of the magazine. He said the international cover will be UAE’s first female film director/producer Nayla Al Khaja while Ghanaian Preacher, Pastor Prince who received a divine call at age 15 are will be on the specials cover for Africa version.

I was curious to know the reason while Nayla Al Khaja was selected and he smiles why he respond that she is breaking the socio-cultural and religious barrier and liberating women with a strong voice through her work as UAE’s first female film director/producer.

I cannot wait to read hand a copy of the September/October edition of this magazine. You can follow the magazine online at

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